Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More than 4,000 cybercrime cases.........

More than 4,000 cybercrime cases reported in Malaysia within two years

JOHOR BARU: More than 4,000 cyber complaints, mostly concerning cyber crimes have been lodged with Cybersecurity Malaysia in the past two years.

Its chief executive officer Lieutenant-Colonel Husin Jazri said that the complaints, mostly consisted of hack threats, fraud, denial of services and other computer problems such files lost or corrupted by viruses.

“We have received about 2,000 complaints in 2007.

“Last year, a total of 2,123 cases were lodged with us,” he told pressmen after the presentation of five computers to a school in the Kampung Simpang Arang Orang Asli settlement.

Science, Technology and Innovation secretary-general Datuk Abdul Hanan Alang Endut presented the computers on Saturday.

Lt-Col Husin explained that the agency’s services catered for individuals, as well as companies, who faced computer related problems.

“Our consultation services are free but we will charge any work that needs to be done such as repairs.

“The charges varies on a case by case basis,” he said adding that the agency rarely charged students or those from the lower-income group.

He said that the agency’s 150-strong staff was dedicated to solving computer problems as they aimed to serve the needs of the public.

“We have an emergency response team that caters to the complaints.

“Among our other services are digital forensics, security assurance, security management and best practices,” he said.

He added that the agency’s main objective is to be a one-stop coordination centre for all national cyber security initiatives.

“Among the initiatives are reducing vulnerability of ICT systems and networks and nurture a culture of cyber security among users and critical sectors,” he said.

Lt-Col Husin said the public could contact the agency at 03-89926888, fax at 03-89453205 or email at info [at]

“People can also contact our hotline at CYBER999 to report any problems.

“Our office in Seri Kembangan is open from Monday to Friday,” he said.

He said that the agency was also working closely with enforcement agencies such as the police in solving and curving cybercrimes in the country.

(It is a news that publish in star online by Farik Zulkepli.)

Cyber crimes is no more a new issue in our country...This news proved that we (Malaysia) can be categorized in critical position. So, the question is what are the provisions and what are the actions taken by Malaysia to save our "cyber world"?


  1. It should be noted also, that in our country we don't really have many computer experts!

    I have a question to ask, is there any specific institutions or organizations to train ppl in cyber field?

  2. Hidayat our country have one agency under Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation which called as cybersecurity agency. It called as a cybercomplaints centre, called Cyber999, where the public can e-mail or call to report incidents or complain about cyberissues such as malware infections, intrusions, online harassment, spam, malicious websites, etc but not to train people in cyberfield. Thank you for your question.