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Internet Users Need To Be Security Conscious

Internet Users Need To Be Security Conscious
24 February 2009 (Eastern Times)
By Wilfred Pilo

KUCHING: Internet users need to be educated on cyber security as there have been an increasing number of thefts of identity and data over the cyberspace these days.

This was pointed out by Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Hj Fadillah Yusof, while officiating at a seminar on Infosec.My yesterday.

"Since many people are relying on the internet and communication technology for their daily tasks, there is an urgent need to ensure that the data or information are free from virus attack and threat," said Fadillah, adding that hackers were getting more sophisticated in their attacks of websites of various businesses and government agencies.

Fadillah also said that in a research carried out by the Commissioner of Communication and Multimedia, it was found that, the biggest group of people using the internet were the youths. "Among their popular applications are websites on chatting, blogs, email and social networking.

"Therefore it is very important that the youths should be taught to become more aware of the need to be cyber security conscious," he said.

He said that if the users were conscious of cyber security, then they would be more cautious in the manner they made use of the internet.

The theme of the seminar was "Keeping Your Family Safe in Cyber Space" Also present was CEO of Cyber Security Malaysia, Lt.Colonel (R) Husin Jazri.

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  1. good info here. and its true. users should know about cyber security. ignorant people tend to give out their personal details on-line without realising that they are putting themselves in harm.

    nadhirah na'iemah

  2. i agree that most of the internet users are the youths and they don't even know what are the perils behind.

  3. do u have any recommendation on the most basic way for internet users to be security conscious?

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  4. it's good to be back after the holidays.
    this is quite an eye-opening post, bee ling.
    beddy, i hope to come up with some suggestions for the internet users to be security conscious.
    perhaps, in my next posting. :P


  5. I do agree with you. Internet Users need to be security conscious. Now a days, we can use electronic signature for security purpose. It easy to use.
    e-sign act