Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Cute virus in yellow..

I found a very interesting articles when i try my very best to search through development of cyber crimes..yeah!! finally, i come across an article which entitled ' Where in the world do viruses comes from?' This article mainly contribute the international development of cyber crimes..Let's read through together..:-)
Where in the World do Viruses Come From?
Computerworld Singapore
Saturday, September 05, 2009 11:23 AM PDT
The U.S. and Brazil continued their output of spam and viruses through August, although levels have dropped slightly since July, according to security vendor Network Box. An analysis of Internet threats by Network Box in August 2009 shows that the volume of malware, which peaked in July (when volumes increased by 300 per cent), are down again at levels seen in June (around four viruses per customer, per hour). Spam is also down slightly, averaging around 90 spam e-mails per customer, per hour (from a peak of around 120 in May). The U.S. continues to dominate as the main source of the world's viruses, producing 15.9 per cent of all viruses. It is followed closely by Brazil, which produces 14.5 per cent (similar levels to last month's 14.1 per cent). Brazil continues to be the biggest source of spam, producing 11.6 per cent of all spam, followed by the US at 8.6 per cent and South Korea at 7.2 per cent.
South Korea remains the biggest source of intrusion attacks, at 17.3 per cent.
Phishing attacks also remain high, at 33 per cent of all viruses. This is down slightly from last month's 36.2 per cent, but still significantly higher than in June, when phishing attacks made up just five per cent of all viruses.

From the article, we can see that U.S is the country that become the main contributor of the viruses..what is the reason behind all this? can we think together? any comments friend?

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  1. hw many type viruses are now.
    hw to determine who's send the virus

  2. maybe US become the contributor so that, they can make money by providing the anti-virus...